Dialpad completes your business communications for Google Apps

Google productivity integration for the way you work today

Dialpad is a business phone system built for Google Apps

Simplify your work, seamlessly bring all your communications capabilities together with the productivity applications you use every day. Dialpad gives you a complete business phone system that works across all of your devices. Together with Google Apps, your team gets email, video, SMS, presence and unlimited domestic calling all in one place.

What can you do with a phone system for Google Apps?

Get a business phone number for your company, departments, and team members. Dialpad works across all of your devices so you can answer the device most convenient for you and transition seamlessly even during mid-conversation. As a business phone system for Google Apps, Dialpad lets you:

  • Control calls and SMS messages easily from the Dialpad Chrome app, iOS and Android apps
  • Provide context in your communications with a single application web-interface including Gmail, Google calendar and Google Docs
  • Easily reach your team with your Google contacts on all of your devices
  • View your entire communications history including calls, messages, voicemails, and recordings all in one place

Get context with Google Apps integrations

For richer context and more productive business calls, access recent Docs, upcoming Calendar events, Gmail messages and LinkedIn social profiles. With a single click, turn your voice conversation into a video call with the P2P video feature.

Easily create, customize, and manage your account

Customize your settings and make changes all within Dialpad’s easy-to-use admin web interface. With Dialpad for Google Apps you can:

  • Quickly set up your entire company and directory using Google contacts
  • Create personal auto-attendant recordings and custom greetings
  • Set up and administer a custom IVR and Virtual Receptionist including business hours
  • Create departments and assign operators
  • Centrally manage all of your locations
The simplicity of being able to manage our phone system for all of our offices in one web interface and (without IT training), has saved us countless time and thousands of dollars.

— Stephane Donzé, CEO, AODocs

Google Apps Phone System FAQ

Q: Do I need to be the Google Apps Admin to be able to sign up my organization?

A: You do not need to be the Google Apps Admin to sign up for Dialpad. The first user of a Google Apps domain who signs up will be the admin of that Dialpad account for the company.

Q: Do I have to have a Google Apps for Work account to sign up for Dialpad?

A: No. Dialpad is available for non-Google Apps customers. You can sign up for Dialpad using any email address and Dialpad also integrates with Office 365.

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"With Dialpad, you don’t have to follow your phone system. It follows you."

— Greg Meyers, CIO at Motorola Solutions

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