Improve caller experience through personalization

Dialpad’s Virtual Auto Attendant is a call management system that improves the caller experience. By welcoming customers with a personalized greeting, an auto receptionist ensures a professional way for your business to direct the caller to the appropriate department. With Dialpad’s cloud-based business phone system you can:

  • Filter and manage call flow by time of day or day of the week
  • Prioritize calls by creating separate departments to increase operational efficiency
  • Record personalized greetings by department
  • Customize greetings for special occasions such as the holidays or promotions
  • Ensure customers reach the correct department without delays
  • Reach both remote and in-office workers
  • Configure IVR from any browser, at any time of day
  • Direct calls to specific individuals, groups, or departments.

Get customers to the right person

Give your customers a smooth and frictionless phone experience when they call you with a virtual receptionist. Auto attendant phone systems work by giving callers an option of where they’d like their call to be routed based on a touchtone press.

Using Dialpad, your sales and support teams can route customers directly to the right department and even to the best person to answer that inquiry. If someone in a list is already assisting another customer, the auto attendant jumps directly to the next person in your custom queue.

"Dialpad is a lightweight, adaptable voice communication solution. If you're tired of poor call quality and being tied to where a physical phone is located, Dialpad will transform your life."

– Dave Bour, Manager of IT Operations at Mashable

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"With Dialpad, you don’t have to follow your phone system. It follows you."

— Greg Meyers, CIO at Motorola Solutions

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